Chronological table and Stengel Engineering landmarks:

1936 August 22nd: Werner Stengel was born in Bochum, Germany
1963 First projects with Anton Schwarzkopf.
Werner Stengel worked on a bumper car ride and on the first German steel roller coaster.
1964 Premier of the first German steel roller coaster "Super Acht" (super 8) at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
1965 March 28th: Starting up his office: Stengel Engineering (Ing.-Büro Werner Stengel).
1973 Working on the first installation of a suspended roller coaster "Alpenflug".
1974 Werner Stengel started his work for the German standard committee on DIN 4112 and parts of DIN 1055 (wind loads).
1975 Werner Stengel developed the first loop in modern times ("Revolution" at Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, USA).
This principle of a klothoide is still an example for all following loops from different suppliers.

Werner Stengel and a model of a klothoide-shaped loop

1976 Werner Stengel established the first horizontal launch "Shuttle Loop" (Shock Wave).
The principle of twist around the heart-line (instead of center of track) will be used the first time ever.
1982 Realization of close to total weightlessness feeling at a roller coaster ("Himalaya Bahn", Germany).
1983 Setting up of a second company "Amusement Park Safety Consultants" with a partner.
1984 The principle of space curves for roller coaster design was established.

Flashback, Six Flags Magic Mountain

1988 Werner Stengel became member of research team working on "Health strains of a human being under usage of amusement rides – especially roller coaster with loop.").
1990 Working on the first Spinning Coaster "Magic Mountain".
1991 Working on the first inverted roller coaster "Batman - the Ride".

Batman - The Ride

1992 Werner Stengel got an award for the design of "Olympia Looping" (traveling 5-looper in Germany).
1993 Design of the one and only transportable inverted roller coaster "EuroStar" (Germany).


1994 Design of the highest over ground roller coaster "High Roller", at Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas, USA.
Werner Stengel's nickname "Guru of Roller Coasters" came up the first time. Other nicknames followed "Master of horror", "Roller Coaster pope" and "Master of the Loop"
1995 Member of the European committee working on the EN 13814 standard.
1996 Working on the first freefall like roller coaster "Mr. Freeze".
1998 Working on the first roller coaster over 300 feet "Millennium Force", Cedar Point, Ohio, USA.

Millennium Force, Cedar Point

1998 Change of name to "Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH".
1999 Establishing of the patent of the new, improved, pre-fabricated and long-lasting wooden roller coaster track. Realizations so far: "Colossos", Heide Park, Germany and "Balder", Liseberg, Sweden.

Colossos, Heide Park

1999 Establishing of the patent of a "Freefall Tower for a Roller Coaster".
2001 Werner Stengel retired from his daily operations and has appointed long year employees Harald Wanner and Andreas Wild to Managing Directors.
Werner Stengel still works as a consultant to the industry and of course as an consultant to the office he founded back in 1965
2001 Werner Stengel became honorary member of FKF "Freundeskreis Kirmes und Freizeitparks e.V."
2001 Werner Stengel was honored by the Munich city-museum with a one-year exhibition of his life.
2001 Klaus Schützmannsky published his book about the life and work of Mr. Werner Stengel. The book is sold out in the meantime.
2002 Werner Stengel got the award of the European Coaster Club "Outstanding contribution to gravity"

Justin Garvanovic, founder of the ECC, and Werner Stengel

2002 Working on the first roller coaster over 400 feet "TopThrill Dragster", Cedar Point, Ohio, USA.

Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point

2002 Werner Stengel got an award of German VDV "Verband der Deutschen Vergnügungsanlagenhersteller".
2003 Amusement today has rated the top 50 steel roller coasters.
The Stengel team has been involved in 35 Roller Coasters out of 50. That means 70% of the top 50 steel Roller Coasters are carrying the trademark of the Stengel team.
2003 Werner Stengel was honored with IAAPA's "Hall Of Fame" award. IAAPA honoured his work and live for the amusement industry.

IAAPA's Roy Gillian presents the 2003 Hall of Fame Living Legend Award to Werner Stengel

Werner Stengel (right) with his wife Christel, Harald Wanner with his wife Gabi, Michaela Wild (daughter of Werner Stengel) and husband Andreas Wild (from right to left)

2004 Currently Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH employs 8 well educated people and several others working as freelance. Mainly our employees have technical education and an engineer degree. Mr. Werner Stengel is still part of the company and is constantly working on special projects.

2005 The faculty of science at Göteborg University is awarding an honorary doctorate to Werner Stengel, who is a legend in the field of roller coaster throughout the world.
Werner Stengel has been awarded "... in recognition of his enormous creativity which connects physics and design with the experience of the body in roller coasters and other rides."


2006 On August 22, Werner Stengel celebrated his 70th birthday with his family and friends (he had a very good time).


2006 September 7th Cedar Point announced their 17. Roller Coaster: Maverick. This is our roller coaster no. 500!!!!